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On Friday, October 10th, the Wilmington, Delaware, T3 Regional Conference will hold an all day Elementary Mathematics Institute, Using TI Technology to Promote Critical Thinking in Elementary Classrooms, designed for teachers in grades 3-5 who want to incorporate the use of handheld technology in their classrooms.  This is a ticketed event and is limited to a maximum of thirty participants. The Elementary Institute is the only program offered on Friday for teachers in grades 3-5.

On Saturday, October 11th, there will be at least one session each time slot geared to the needs of the elementary mathematics teacher.  The TI-10 and the TI-15 will be the featured calculators for the elementary sessions.

Additional information on the conference including the registration form and hotel details is available online at the conference Web site, http://www.dctm.k12.de.us/t3.html.

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Elementary Mathematics One-Day T3 Institute
Using TI Technology to Promote Critical Thinking in Elementary Classrooms

Using the TI-10, TI-15, and TI-73 calculators, participants will:
1) Learn the functionality of each of the three calculators
2) Experience the problem solving capabilities of each
3) Learn the graphing capabilities of the TI-73 at an interim level—grades 4 and 5
4) Experience activities that seamlessly incorporate technology to support mathematics in elementary classrooms—particularly, problem solving and critical thinking.

Learning to use technology to support dynamic mathematics is a challenge to even the best of teachers.  Technology is too often considered a crutch for young students who need to be memorizing basic facts.  This full-day session will not only teach participants how to use the calculators, but will also engage them in activities that integrate this technology into quality mathematics programs.  Included in the session are both problem-solving activities to strengthen students’ higher level thinking skills and drill and practice activities to strengthen students' ability to memorize basic facts.  Thus, the technology becomes the vehicle for driving a problem-solving based mathematics program while supporting the difficult task of memorizing basic facts.

With the TI-10 aimed at kindergarten through grade 3 and the TI-15 targeting students in grades 3 through 6, participants will leave fully aware of the progression of one calculator to the next.  Also included will be the transition from the TI-15 to the TI-73, typically used in grades 5 through 7 or 8.

This institute is intended for teachers of grades 3-5.  All materials and technology required for the institute will be provided.

Instructor: Sherry Colarusso, T3 Instructor, Vennlogic, Inc., Welaka, FL

Date and Time: Friday, October 10, 2008, from 9:00 AM – 5:15 PM.

Registration: This is a ticketed session limited to 30 participants.
Early registration is advised.

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Doubletree Hotel Downtown Wilmington Legal District

700 King Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801